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schoolofsucessonline.com is a video streaming website and an online school that conducts webinars (online seminar), skills training and mentorships for registered members completely free. That is after a member pays the one year membership fee he or she does not need to pay again for new videos that comes up every month or for counseling except when his membership expires. Please go through the write-up below and if you fall into any of the categories of persons listed then be sure that the schoolofsuccessonline.com is the right place for you. Go ahead and register for a diamond membership, then contact us for free counseling and watch your life transformed.


(1) Somebody that is in need of learning a particular skill that will be fetching him money but don’t have a bulk sum to pay for a high ticket seminar or training. Skills like forex trading, internet marketing. website designing, how to start a business, consulting, etc. schoolofsuccessonline.com is their cheapest and easiest solution.

(2) Someone finding it difficult to get a job for years. We will counsel him/her after payment and registration for diamond membership. Also categories like mentorship and motivation will completely address this challenge and in no time that person will be able to secure a job. Through MENTORSHIP he/she will understand his mistakes and correct them.

(3) Somebody facing challenge of promotion for a long time in his/her place of work.

(4) Somebody whose business is facing challenges and looking for a solution to turn around this business. After registration the person should call for proper counseling and advice. We will ask him or her a few questions and counsel the person appropriately. Also categories like; MENTORSHIP, MOTIVATION and BUSINESS will put this problem behind such a person.

(5) Somebody facing the challenge of frequently falling sick or going through strange sickness or disease. Counseling can address and solve this problem. Also categories like MENTORSHIP, HEALTH, MOTIVATION, etc. can address this.

6) Somebody going through a strange or difficult to explain situation. We will counsel and address this. Also categories like MOTIVATION and MENTORSHIP was created to address this.

7) Somebody who is in debt and confused of what to do. We will counsel this person, and the person will have to look to categories like: WEBINAR, MENTORSHIP and MOTIVATION for solutions as well.

8) Someone who is constantly afraid, insecure, shy, confused or suffering from inferiority complex. We will counsel this person and eliminate this challenge. Categories like MENTORSHIP and MOTIVATION will address this.

NOTE: Sometimes we might give members phone numbers of experts working with us who will be in a better position to handle some counseling and no fee is required from a member for this.

9) Someone whose business is facing bankruptcy and needs help and advice on how to save the business.

10) Someone who is always complaining and is always negative because of failures or challenges.

11) Someone going through tough times and needs help

(12) Someone going through a divorce. We will counsel. Also MENTORSHIP, MOTIVATION and RELATIONSHIP categories will address this.

13) Someone feeling unloved and finding it difficult to have a steady relationship.

14) Men or ladies trying to find a life partner and needs advice or counseling. Also MOTIVATION, MENTORSHIP and RELATIONSHIP categories will handle this plus our free counseling.

15) Someone experiencing near success syndrome.

16) Someone finding it difficult to cope with studies and is failing as a student.

17) Couples trying so hard to have a baby. Our experts will counsel them. Also places like HEALTH, MENTORSHIP will address this for members.

18) Couples looking for a particular baby sex, male or female. Our experts will counsel.

19) Someone seeking advice for travel, visa, study abroad, work abroad, or tourism related matters.

20) Someone seeking advice or help on a career to choose or what business he/she can start.

21) Someone looking to advertise his/her business.

22) Pastors or evangelists holding programs like conferences, crusades or teachings can announce or advertise a short video clip of the program on the category RELIGION

23) Pastors looking to put the video of some of their programs for more audience can place their videos on our platform. RELIGION category. We will have to approve it first.

24) An organization or church looking for someone to conduct physical seminar for them on business, wealth creation, etc. we will bill them differently.

25) A person looking for a certain unique or special coaching to be created and delivered to him alone. We will create a different one- on- one coaching link for him online on our platform which only him can have access to and bill him differently.

26) motivational speakers who are looking for a platform to advertise or showcase their talent can bring their videos for us to place on  MOTIVATION category for members to watch.

27) Mc,s, comedians and movie producers seeking for popularity or wanting to place adverts for events or programs can place their videos and comedy on the movies and comedy category. But we have to approve it first.

28) New artists seeking for popularity can place their music on the ENTERTAINMENT category. Subject to our approval. Music must be in line with our site policy

29) Couples finding it difficult to relate with each other or always having disagreement.

30) Someone with a persistent bad habit and wants to eliminate this habit

31) An organization, company or individual willing to give sponsorship to the schoolofsuccessonline.com in return for endorsement or advertisement. We will consider this offer as long as the product or service is not what is considered improper for our site audience.

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