This will be the best letter you ever read. Please ensure you read it to the end

Dear Friend,

My name is Fidelis Anene, your humble Founder and CEO SCHOOLOFSUCCESSONLINE empowerment platform. I want to use this medium to invite you to my forthcoming intensive online training, coaching and mentorship program, MILLIONAIRES MASTERCLASS.



I want to train 100 persons to become millionaires starting from Wednesday the 21st of July, 2021. I will be holding a 1 month intensive online coaching, training and mentorship program for persons interested in changing their status, becoming millionaires and successful personalities. MILLIONAIRES MASTERCLASS is for persons who are tired of living from hand to mouth, improving their present business, learning new things and want to kiss good bye to poverty and mediocrity.

  • This intensive online training will take place 4 days every week for 4 weeks – Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. 10 am every day and will last between 3 to 4 hours each day.
  • It will be streamed with the latest technology so that even if there are 1000 participants all of them will be able to connect each day with their smart phone, laptop or desktop computer and learn everything. However, we are accepting only 100 participants for now.
  • Every training session will be recorded and will be made available to all participants for download in an mp4 format so that you can go through it again and again anytime you want. If you paid for the training and missed any of the sessions or did not have time to participate you will still get the recorded version and if you need it in CD format you only pay a little courier service charge and everything will be delivered to your physical address anywhere you want.

Before I go further, let me give you a short background of how I got to where I’m today. Many years ago, I was just an ordinary employee in a construction company in Nigeria. Even though I rose to the position of a supervisor and later elevated to a coordinator and a unit manager, yet I couldn’t meet up because my salary always ran out before the month ended. Irrespective of all these I noticed that I was always living from hand to mouth. Sometimes I had to resort to borrowing to sustain myself before they paid salary. I worked round the clock to keep my job and yet had nothing to show for it. There were so many good things I hungered to have but I couldn’t because I got stuck and was limited by the salary I earned.

Unfortunately or rather, fortunately, the company started owing workers arrears of salaries. I got tired after sometime and through a series of events I eventually left the company and launched into business. Little did I know the kind of fortune that awaited me. It was a struggle for one year and then my dreams started to happen. I bought the properties I couldn’t buy before, lived in a comfortable home and gave financial support to relations, my church and anybody or organization that I wanted to. Something I had always longed for but could not achieve before. Eventually, I also got married successfully and started to raise wonderful children from the proceeds of that same business. After about 5 years in business I had a little set back due to some things that I was supposed to do earlier in my business that I failed to do. Within some months I stumbled upon wonderful trainings and mentorships that made me realize my mistakes. So I bounced back again and took my business to a new level that I never expected. Today, the rest is history as they used to say. I presently operate 2 successful businesses, have also written 2 books and I’m happy that I’m living my dreams.

I just told you this brief story for you to know that if I can do it, so can you. I was not originally smart, but I had to learn it the hard way. I know that if I mentor you and teach you everything that I did to become successful, you will become a better person. That is my passion. To see people become successful.

Are you satisfied with the limitations of a struggle life? I hope not.

I presently mentor people on how to take their business, company, skill, personal life, even relationships to a new level. I also teach people how to create wealth through INTERNET MARKETING (DIGITAL MARKETING). Even if you don’t want to become rich, after your training in the MILLIONAIRES MASTERCLASS it would be too late to go back to poverty. That is the assurance I’m giving you.

This forthcoming training, MILLIONAIRES MASTERCLASS is a one on one online training, coaching and mentorship program that I want to use to raise millionaires. I want to raise people who will become highly successful and unstoppable. People who will drop failure, poverty and mediocrity and have success implanted in their DNA.

We are starting with 100 persons only from the 21st of July, 2021. Registration has already begun and is ongoing on our website, Registration for MILLIONAIRES MASTERCLASS closes soon.

I will personally train the participants for between 3 to 4 hours each day. You can comfortably register and participate in this training using your smart phone, laptop or desktop computer.

If you are having problems registering just contact any of our phone lines and a member of our staff will help you out in the registration process.

In a short moment I will tell you how to register and participate in the forthcoming MILLIONAIRES MASTERCLASS, meanwhile, I want to show you all the areas we are going to cover during the 4 weeks training so that you can have a little idea of what I’m about to pass on to you.

Two significant areas that I’m going to cover during this 4 weeks

  • How To Make Non-Stop Money With Internet Marketing (Digital Marketing)
  • Mentorship – I Will Mentor You On How To Easily Achieve Financial Stability, Transform Your Fortune; Become A Highly Successful And Unstoppable Personality


  1. Consulting Riches: How to become a millionaire consultant in any field using internet technology
  2. How to build a professional eye popping website in less than 24 hours with a simple online technology, no complicated teachings, no need for HTML knowledge, just simple click here and there and your professional website is ready. You can use it to build your own website or build for business people and charge as much as N150,000 and above. To teach only this one to people many professionals charge as much as a hundred thousand naira, but you will be surprised you’re paying almost nothing for this when you sign up for this masterclass.
  3. Everything that you need to know about setting up a website, buying a domain name, hosting and tying them all together to have a functional website will be exposed to you.
  4. How to set up an automatic money making system ON THE INTERNET that will make money for you daily
  5. How to set up a one page website on the internet called a squeeze page and how to use it to make money online non-stop
  6. Revelation of more than 10 business models that you can use to make money on the internet
  7. How to easily confirm that people will pay you and that your product or service will fly before starting any business, whether online or offline
  8. Traffic on the internet explained. Traffic secrets of google, youtube, facebook and instagram exposed in an easy to understand way.
  9. How to make serious money using google, facebook, youtube and instagram
  10. What is a funnel, backend and frontend – complete explanation and how to tie them together and make sure that you never lack money in your life again
  11. How to program a simple software that will capture so many people’s email and market your online or offline business for you even while you sleep – making money on autopilot
  12. How to make real money online promoting other people’s product or service on the internet.
  13. Places to find products or services to promote online and how to leverage this online platforms to make constant money
  14. How to build a large followership of thousands of loyal customers – This one will ensure that you never lack money in your life again – never
  15. What is a follow up funnel? How to create wonderful follow up funnels that will consistently make money for you – you simply can’t miss this
  16. A wonderful simplified formula for writing salesletter and classified ad on the internet and how to use this formular to make people pay you money every time you put up a write up on your website, classified ad or any advertisement
  17. How to legally generate quick cash online anytime you need money using people’s emails
  18. What is online real estate? Online real estate exposed and how to make money real money using online real estate.
  19. How to make MILLIONS creating and selling short reports on the internet – complete tutorial.
  20. How to successfully sell any information ON THE INTERNET and make money.
  21. How To Convert Any Written Material To An Ebook And Sell On The Internet Continuously.
  22. How To Convert A Digital Product Into A Cd Format And Sell On The Internet For Bigger Profit.
  23. A Glossary and Complete explanation and definition of So Many Words Associated With “Internet Marketing & Online Business”.
  24. How you can build an Online Business Empire right from the comfort of your home.


1)    How I turned one of my greatest failures in life into a BUSINESS EMPIRE and how you too can do the same.

2)    How to summon and attract your heart’s desires into your life.

3)    How to combat bad luck and near success syndrome.

4)    How to become a highly paid consultant in your field of work.

5)    Secrets to building wealth from scratch.

6)    How to develop yourself into a sought after person no matter the field of work you belong.

7)    Secret to receiving promotions in your place of work.

8)    How to dominate your fears and live a successful life.

9)    What great leaders, pioneers and wealthiest people in the world practiced that made them different from others. How you can leverage this knowledge to become very successful.

10)                       Nine great fears that have bound unsuccessful and backward people and how to eliminate them from your life and make progress.

11)                       Thirteen great secrets that the most successful people on planet earth have been using from generation to generation with proven results.

12)                       Complete and detailed explanations of how to appropriate these thirteen great secrets into your life and begin your journey to stardom.

13)                       How to confront any kind of fear and eliminate it from your life completely.

14)                       What to do any time you are stuck, a formula that is proven to work.

15)                       How never to be broke, begging or borrowing again.

16)                       What to do to have the Midas touch.

17)                       What to do to break out of the cocoon of poverty forever.

18)                       How to become the better person you have always wanted to be.

I ‘m going to mentor you on all of these during these 4 weeks of training in addition to teach you how to make money using digital marketing

I have comfortably generated millions of naira legally without hurting anybody or violating any law. During this 4 weeks training, I want to completely offload the method I used in creating millions in my business to you. I want to give you my best; just about everything I have learnt on how to make money and becoming successful. This training will be simplified for all participants in an easy to understand method. There will be a question and answer session at the end of each class as it is going to be very interactive. We are employing a wonderful and very expensive online technology that will handle this perfectly.

I charge N250,000 (two hundred and fifty thousand naira) to train people on this type of online coaching. But don’t get scared because I won’t charge you that for this particular training. I want to make it easy and affordable for every participant.

  • The training fee is N50,000 (fifty thousand naira) but if you pay between now and Friday 16th of July, 2021 you only need to pay N25,000 (twenty five thousand naira) which is the access fee for STAR members on schoolofsuccessonline membership platform. So if you pay within the next one week for the training the additional training fee of N25,000 will be discounted for you.
  • Please don’t forget that we only have space for 100 participants and once the seats are filled we will stop accepting candidates for the training.
  • You will receive a secret access to the online training portal before the D-day.

All you need to participate in the MILLIONAIRE MASTERCLASS is this:


Log in to using your smart phone, laptop or desktop computer and REGISTER as a member (that is if you have not registered before). You can also contact us if you need help; however, it is very simple to do.


Sign up at the AFFILIATE PORTAL with the same USERNAME, PASSWORD and email (if you don’t have an email before please try and open a new email for this purpose). Please take note or write down this username and password in a place where only you can see it.


Go to PAYMENTS menu link, click on it to pay N25,000 (twenty five thousand naira) so that we upgrade you to the highest membership level on the platform which is STAR membership. Yes, N25,000 only. STAR members are the only members eligible to access MILLIONAIRES MASTERCLASS. So you can see it is as good as we’re running the 4 weeks training almost for free because you are not paying for the training but for the membership fee for STAR MEMBERSHIP which has always been N25,000 (that is if you pay on time). Remember that this N25,000 membership fee you will pay not only guarantees you a seat in the MILLIONAIRES MASTERCLASS for 4 weeks, but is your access fee for star membership on the platform for 1 year. That means you still have 1 year access as a star member even after the training is over. You will access all the video categories and all other benefits of members for a whole 1 year.

To subscribe for STAR membership make a transfer or direct deposit to:

Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB),


Account Number: 0602556768

and send whatsapp to: 07030458915, 08055472202 or call: 09046015183 or 08034696684

Alternatively, use paystack link below to pay for star membership with your card:



You can also refer members to sign up for MILLIONAIRES MASTERCLASS with your AFFILIATE ID or AFFILIATE LINK and make 50% commission on any person referred to the platform. That means you can comfortably make back the money you paid for membership and your training and also make additional money if you can refer people to sign up for MILLIONAIRES MASTERCLASS. You can as well refer any other membership level below you as a star member (for example, Eagle, Diamond or Gold members). Note that you can monitor any amount you make through your AFFILIATE DASHBOARD and also cash your money at the end of the month. Please see ‘INCOME’ menu link on our website to understand how referring people works. You earn money in the process of acquiring knowledge. That is how schoolofsuccessonline empowerment platform works. If you notice our website homepage you will see that our vision is: BUILDING PEOPLE, CREATING WEALTH AND ERADICATING POVERTY.


I would like to blow your mind further. After the training I will be selecting 3 best participants who will walk away with between N50,000 to N100,000 (fifty to one hundred thousand naira) each. I will be using this award to encourage serious participants.


P.S…. The online training begins Wednesday the 21st of July, 2021.

P.S.S…… The online training will take place 4 days every week for 4 weeks – Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. 10 am every day and will last between 3 to 4 hours each day.

P.S.S.S…. ..Admission into MILLIONAIRES MASTERCLASS is first come first served. We are accepting only 100 participants for now. So once we have 100 participants we will stop accepting people for the training.

P.S.S.S.S……The whole bundle of the training MP4 video download or CD version will go for a price of N100,000 (one hundred thousand naira) after the training. That is for those that did not pay for the training. However, if you paid for the training you will get the MP4 download of the whole training completely free and if you require the CD version sent to you physically, you only pay a small courier service charge and all the training CDs will be shipped to your preferred address.

P.S.S.S.S.S…. The training fee is N50,000 (fifty thousand naira) but if you pay between now and Friday 16th of July, 2021 you only need to pay N25,000 (twenty five thousand naira)

Go ahead and sign up today for MILLIONAIRES MASTERCLASS before the seats gets filled up

Say bye to poverty, life of struggle and mediocrity

Feel free to contact us for any questions or if you need help in signing up

09046015183 or 08034696684

Whatsapp: 07030458915, 08055472202.


CLICK HERE to sign up for membership (if you haven’t yet registered)


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