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EMPOWERMENT is a brainchild of the founder of schoolofsuccessonline. It is a program that is aimed at empowering Nigerians with mentorship, success mindset, useful knowledge, business grants; scholarships for Nigerian undergraduates and overseas scholarships for Nigerians.


NOW JUST N500 PER MONTH FOR GOLD MEMBERSHIP AND YOU STAND A CHANCE TO WIN A SCHOLARSHIP, A BUSINESS GRANT or QUIZ CREDIT (money credited into your bank account same day for answering quiz questions based on the weekly video series on the platform or on any topic)

It doesn’t matter if you are a market woman, meat seller, retail shop owner, aspiring model, singer, writer, app developer, undergraduate, graduate entrepreneur, school drop out, or a start up looking for capital. Any member can be selected.

The vision of EMPOWERMENT is to empower people. We have connected with so many business men and women, Organizations and companies for sponsorship and support.


NO 1: Through the video library – mentorship, knowledge, information, skills, etc.

NO 2: ‘INCOME’ – Payment of 50% affiliate or referral commissions monthly to members – earning power. See menu link, ‘INCOME‘ for complete details.

NO 3: QUIZ CREDIT: Any member can answer questions and win instant money.

NO 4: BUSINESS GRANTS – Terms and conditions apply.

NO 5: SCHOLARSHIPS – Active members that indicated occupation as students when signing up for membership can win scholarships, study grants (Terms and conditions apply).

NO 6: OVERSEAS TRAINING OR STUDY SCHOLARSHIPS – Any premium and active member can win an oversea scholarship (Terms and conditions apply).


NO 1: Video library – We feature videos containing useful knowledge and information which members access through the various video categories, for instance MENTORSHIP, PRAYER NETWORK, BUSINESS, WEALTH CREATION, INTERNET MARKETING, MOTIVATION, MOVIES & COMEDY, ENTERTAINMENT, NEWS, etc.

NO 2: INCOME – All members are encouraged to participate in our affiliate program on the platform known as ‘INCOME‘ (see the menu link ‘INCOME’ later for comprehensive details). Members receive 50% commission each time they refer a new member that sign up and upgrades their membership to a DIAMOND or above. Accrued commissions are paid into members account every month end.

GOLD members = N500 membership fee per month;

DIAMOND members = N5,000 per year;

EAGLE members = N10,000 per year;

STAR members = N25,000 per year.

NOTE: You can refer a free/silver member or a gold/monthly member, however, you will only receive commission when the persons you referred upgrades to a Diamond, Eagle or Star Membership. We do not pay commissions for free/silver or gold/monthly membership. If the person upgrades any day to any of these, then the referrer receives the commissions.

NO 3: QUIZ CREDIT – Participate in the video categories weekly series on schoolofsuccessonline empowerment platform and make sure you renew your membership monthly or yearly. You can be contacted anytime as a member. We will ask you questions based on the video categories on the platform or relating to any topic. The amount you win based on the number of questions you were able to answer correctly will be credited into your bank account that same day. Please see the menu link QUIZ CREDIT for more details.

NO 4: BUSINESS GRANT – Are you in need of money to finance a business or dream. When signing up for membership you should select the option, BUSINESS GRANT. Members can win business grants from time to time – Terms and conditions apply. Please see the menu link BUSINESS GRANT for more details.

NO 5: SCHOLARSHIPS – If you are a students in tertiary institution or senior secondary school in Nigeria when signing up for membership on the site please select the option, SCHOLARSHIP. You can win a scholarship/study grant. (terms and conditions apply). Members will be given this scholarship from time to time. Please see the menu link SCHOLARSHIP for more details.

NO 6: OVERSEAS TRAINING OR STUDY SCHOLARSHIPS – If you win an overseas scholarship schoolofsuccessonline will sponsor this person for between 6 months to 2 years training or study program in Canada, United States, New Zealand, Australia, any of the countries in Europe; Malaysia, Russia, Ukraine, etc. We will handle everything from admission to visa processing and take care of between 50 to 100% of the fees for at least 1 year. If this is what you desire, then you should select, OVERSEAS SCHOLARSHIP when signing up for membership to indicate your interest. Once you upgrade your membership to any of the paid memberships you qualify to be in line for selection (please see T&C below for more comprehensive info).



Sign up for a free silver membership account on the site. If you are not a member yet, simply go to the site menu now and click on ‘REGISTER’ to register as a free or silver member. Please select a username and a password you must remember or write it down on a secret place. Select an empowerment option of your choice. After you register you will automatically be logged into the members area where you can have access to all the video categories as a silver or basic member except for menthorship, internet marketing and classic which are for premium members. Once logged in simply select or click on any video category of your choice to start watching for free. After 7 days your free access to videos on the site expires as well as your active membership.


This is so you can get access to the automated tools you will be using to refer new members.

PLEASE NOTE: Log in with the same username and password you created the first time you registered.


Free or silver membership normally expires after 7 days. Before or after your membership expires simply click on payments and transfer or use the paystack link on the site and pay with your card. Pay the sum for the appropriate membership level to any of the bank accounts. Send a Whatsapp to 07030458915, or call or sms 08034696684, 09046015183, 08055472202 with your payment details like name, date of payment, amount and bank paid. Once we receive this message your membership is upgraded to a GOLD, DIAMOND, EAGLE or STAR MEMBERSHIP with your very important MEMBER IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (MIN) sent to you same day. You can log in any time with the same username and password any time to access any video category of your choice or log in to your affiliate dashboard through the AFFILIATE PORTAL.

GOLD member: N500 (five hundred naira) per month;

DIAMOND member: N5,000 (five thousand naira) per year;

EAGLE member: N10,000 (ten thousand naira) per year;

STAR member: N25,000 (twenty five thousand naira) per year.


Active premium members will be selected from time to time (All year round). Participate in the video categories weekly series on schoolofsuccessonline empowerment platform and make sure you renew your membership monthly or yearly. You can be contacted anytime as a member. We will ask you questions based on the video categories on the platform or relating to any topic. The amount you win based on the number of questions you were able to answer correctly.

Please channel all enquiries to: You can also contact: 09046015183 or 08034696684, 08055472202. Whatsapp: 07030458915.


NO 1: Only active premium or paying members are qualified for selection; Gold, Diamond, Eagle or Star members.

NO 2: You are 16 years and above at the time you signed up for membership.

NO 3: You should renew your membership monthly or yearly. Only active members can be selected.

No 4: You should log in to the platform through the member area to participate in the video series from time to time. Most of our questions or quiz are based on the video categories.

NO 5: Active members will be selected for quiz from time to time. And you don’t need to call us asking for this as long as you are a member.

NO 6: A member must not be found to be using another person’s identity or operating 2 different membership accounts on the site for whatsoever reason. All you need to do is SIGN UP FOR MEMBERSHIP, UPGRADE TO ANY OF THE PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP LEVELS, be sure you read these terms and conditions, then leave the rest for us. Selections will be done from time to time depending on how we decide.

NO 7: A member should not call any of our staff members to lobby or try to persuade or bribe them in order to be selected. We don’t operate that way. Any such member will be automatically disqualified from any award for 6 months, and if the candidate is found to continue from such he/she may be suspended from the platform. If you have not been selected just continue referring people and making money through ‘INCOME‘ and also participating in the VIDEO CATEGORIES while you wait for your turn, these are also ways we empower members. That you were not selected today does not mean you can’t be selected tomorrow. So please follow the rules and hopefully, your turn will come.

NO 8: When you win a scholarship or a business grant on the platform you earn 10% commission on any member you refer instead of 50% until your money is fully paid, then you can start earning 50%. This is to enable us pay others that have not gotten any grant their commissions.

You can register today: CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE to upgrade to a premium GOLD, DIAMOND, EAGLE or STAR member after you sign up for free or your 7 days free access expires.

We want to be part of your success story. DARE TO DREAM BIG

EMPOWERMENT is the reason for the platform

Our vision is Building people, Creating wealth and Eradicating poverty.

We are determined to help create a Nigeria where so many people are either self employed or are gainfully employed. In this way crime, other social vices and poverty will be nipped in the bud.

Enquiries: 09046015183, 08034696684, 08055472202. Whatsapp: 07030458915

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